Peter Ruppersberg


Frank Rodrigues
VP of Operations, Regulatory and Quality

Philip Haeusser
Director of R&D

Dirk Schuermann

Director Clinical Services Europe

Lana Kasyanchik
Director of Finance and Administration


Micro Technology

Ablacon's background is in the Swiss Micro Technology and Watchmaking industry with partners like the Microsystems Laboratory of the EPFL and the Swiss Institute of Technology of Lausanne. 

Computer Vision Technology

Computer vision is a multi-disciplinary field in which many technology areas combine , such as computer science, artificial intelligence, mechanical engineering and physics. Computer vision is applicable and will revolutionize various fields from medical applications, security, movie making, agriculture and many more.



  • A novel Mapping Technology called Electrographic Flow (EGF) mapping. This is the first method that allows detailed characterization and long-term monitoring of the behavior of AF sources in human atria . EGF represents a full spatial and temporal reconstruction of electrographic potentials and their flow derived from endocardial unipolar electrogram data collected with a 64-pole basket catheter. In two-second EGF maps, excitation sources appear as quadripoint centers where the four colors indicating flow direction (red = left, black = right, green = down and blue = up) adjoin and where the arrows indicating excitation velocity originate in all directions. 

  • A new sensitive Ablation Catheter for Afib Treatment:
    Catheter Ablation success rates are largely improved if catheters are equipped with 3-dimensional Force Sensors in their tip. Ablacon's first product will set new standards in this field.




Competence in Electrophysiology has been generated in collaboration with the Max-Planck Institute for Medical Research in Heidelberg, the  Department of Electrophysiology and Division of Sensory Biophysics of the University of Tuebingen, Germany and the collaboration with a leading European Cardiac Electrophysiology firm.

Dr. Peter Ruppersberg, international expert in Medical Device technology, Medical Marketing, Business Development, and Technology Finance. He was CEO of the Valtronic Group, a Switzerland-based firm with 400 employees specializing in “Mechatronics” manufacturing solutions with a focus on Medical Devices. He was also active in the Hearing Device industry (CEO, Sophono Inc., recently sold to Medtronic) and in Venture Capital and Private Equity. Prior to his career in industry Dr. Ruppersberg served as Professor and Chairman of Physiology and Sensory Biophysics. He holds an M.D. and a Habilitation in Biophysics and Physiology.

  • CMOS Sensor Manufacturer
  • International Medical Device contract engineering firm
  • Top OEM Computer Manufacturer
  • Industrial software OEM manufacturer​
  • Leading Cardiology Department